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Lingerie Care for the Lingerie Lover

Caring for lingerie and other delicates the right way can make a big difference to their longevity. The Lingerie Diary's first post starts with the basics for any lingerie lover, how best to care for your much loved lingerie. We will explain wash care labels and laundry care icons so that your much loved delicates last the test of time.

We're all a little time poor, which is why so many delicates go straight to the washing machine, and at best in a laundry bag on a gentle cycle... so let's get right into it.


As a general rule handle items with care and wash by hand in lukewarm water, gently spinning with your hands using a mild detergent. Do not rub, leave to soak, or wring. While items will initially survive a gentle washing machine cycle, over time the item will deteriorate, therefore hand wash is always recommended. 

Pat item dry with a towel and leave to dry flat or hanging, away from direct sunlight, do not place items in dryer. Only iron or steam if needed, on reverse and on a low heat setting. 

Most, if not all lingerie include wash care labels with instructions to guide you. Sometimes these labels are removable or fade over time, other times they are hidden. Lingerie sometimes lacks the label space to mention all the care instructions needed, and often need the most care because of the details, ornaments and mixture of fabrics, including elastics, laces, silk blends and cotton linings. This gives rise to laundry care icons which often look like an alphabet you have never been taught. Here we introduce the most common wash care labels applicable to delicates. 

Washing Method

Special Hand Wash/Delicate Cycle Wash

Hand Wash

Water Temperature

Below 30C

Post Wash

Do Not Wring 

Ironing Method

Low Iron Heat Setting/Do Not Iron


With all the buzz on sustainability and slow fashion, caring for our delicates is not only something we do for ourselves but also for the planet, avoiding unnecessary waste and truly valuing the items we own. 
Lucia Veronica