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Luxury Redefined: The Luxury All Can Afford

Luxury is formally defined as 'a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense'. In this article we will look at a new perspective on the concept of luxury, particularly away from the great expense associated to the word. We will look at why we love it, why it's important to feel a sense of luxury and how we can have more of it.

This all came about during a series of guided meditations on living a more abundant life, luxury is not a topic often associated with meditation yet the link to emotional wellbeing exists. Most of us can agree that we love feeling good, and the feeling luxury gives us that we often reserve for special occasions comes with a sense of feeling special or making someone feel special, an expression of love and value for oneself or for another. In redefining the word we discover that this feeling is more accesible than we may have thought.

Luxury during the meditation was redefined as something within all our reach and a means to express our self worth. I was compelled to write about this because my reason for starting Lucia Veronica was to make luxury sleepwear more affordable because of the feeling great sleepwear provides, later I discovered it wasn't just sleepwear it was a whole range of luxurious nighttime routines that gave me these feelings pre bedtime. These are nice, exquisite feelings than when redefined away from material possessions and objects bring great joy and a zest for life.

When finding ways to live a redefined sense of luxury ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. How does luxury* manifest in my life?
  2. What luxurious* gifts do I give myself?
  3. How can I spread luxury* to others?

*Change the word luxury to comfort and you will view luxuries in a different light.

So what are some suggestions and tips on luxuries when redefined with comfort in mind? First we start to see value in the basics such as good health and wellbeing, nutritious food and precious time and energy to do the things we love. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being something we rarely do and 10 being something we do all the time, if we are always doing something the concept of special is taken away, so if there's something you love doing that you rarely do try doing it more often and treat it as a luxury because you are making time for it, or add a twist to something you already do to make it feel extra special. All of this will greatly depend on your lifestyle.

  • Start small by going for a walk, if walking is something you regularly do then drive to a location you love or when possible take a longer walk
  • Take a bubble bath instead of a shower sometimes, and if baths are something you do often or you don't have one add essential oils to the room, decorate with candles, exfoliate, put a face mask or hair treatment on
  • Wake up earlier than usual and meditate or do yoga, have some quiet time
  • Drink the best tea you have more often, or pick/grow some herbs, drink it in your favourite tea cup and sip it slowly while doing nothing else, or while doing something you rarely make time for.
  • Watch the long movie you've been wanting to watch, with your favourite snack, phone and lights off.
  • Decorate your house with fresh flowers
  • Eat the cake, hear your favourite music, light that pretty candle, wear your favourite perfume...

To cultivate luxury in your life start doing more of the things that bring you joy, you can read a small summary about my luxuries below but the key is to notice the positive effect comfort has in your life and start exploring what this new found concept of luxury means to you and your loved ones. Then start creating room for these luxuries and have regular moments in which you feel a sense of special self worth and abundance in your life. 

Luxury in Lingerie & Sleep

A peaceful home and mind, enough hours in the day and good quality sleep are my greatest luxuries, you could say they are necessities but when living a busy life they tend to fall in the luxury category for many people. This new perspective away from materialism suddenly makes sense and confirms the meaning of the LUCIA VERONICA brand. It was created with luxury in mind, when I couldn't find what I wanted for the price I was willing to pay. Lingerie & Sleep are exquisitely intimate items with great detail and beauty that the world doesn't see, a personal indulgence and one of my favourite parts to reward the end of a day or to celebrate the start of another. x LV