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Wellbeing & Femininity: Interviewing Naomi Craigs

Welcome to the Spring Muse Series, in our inaugural blog we interview Naomi Craigs to show a glimpse into the feminine through the lens of Lucia Veronica®, discussing wellbeing, femininity and nighttime routines. The series is designed to take a look into the heart and minds of other women to discover different facets of wellbeing through our similarities and uniqueness.

Wellbeing is a topic far wider than nutrition and sleep, it's a satisfactory existence built on our relationship to the self and to others. We've previously summarised it as 'a calm mind, a relaxed body and a good night sleep' as this encompasses many areas of our lives. Naomi answered six questions honestly and spoke of her career choices and the effects of being a new mum. We hope you enjoy taking a glimpse into our first Spring Muse's life and that it leads to an active pursuit of your optimum wellbeing.   

Naomi Craigs


1. Tell me about yourself Naomi, and what matters most to you? 

Hi there! I’m Naomi, I live and work in Western Australia (which means I’m very blessed the past few years as we’ve not had many lockdowns due to covid). For ten years I worked as a full-time freelance photographer, but at 25 I had to do a major reevaluation of my life, and decided to go to uni to study graphic design. I never put the camera down, but now I work predominantly as an illustrator, and still take on graphic design and photography gigs. This reevaluation of my life affected all areas of my life and what matters most now is family, and my health and wellbeing, and trying my best to fit my career into those things that are most important, as well as satisfying that creative fire that’s always there. I’m now blessed to have a fiancé, an amazing six month old and two loveable cats! Our little family of five.

2. What does wellbeing mean to you and how does it manifest in your life?

I think the way each individual takes care of themselves is always going to be different, because everyone has different needs physically, mentally and emotionally. For me personally, taking time to breathe, move (whether that’s intense workouts or just being outside walking, yoga), create and be close to my loved ones is all very important to my wellbeing. I’m currently tackling a coffee and chocolate addiction (which I’ve always had, but the coffee addiction has definitely ramped up due to broken sleep with a baby!) so I’m trying to adopt better habits into my diet at the moment, including a substantial more nutrient dense breakfast (instead of just coffee!) 

3. Do you have a nighttime routine? If yes, what does that look like?

I must admit, my nighttime routine is still a bit inconsistent with having bub around, but generally it starts with face washing, teeth etc then changing into comfortable pj’s, and preparing my bedside table with baby essentials and a litre of water for me. We usually have ‘quiet time’ in the bedroom before bed, I’ll read or draw and bubs will just play with a few toys on our bed, before her last feeds and night time. We just leave our salt lamp on at nighttime in the room, it’s such a beautiful warm glow and really helps with the mood of the room. 

4. What does femininity mean to you?

The first word that comes to mind for me is strength, particularly emotional strength and resilience. In the last few years of my life I’ve really begun to admire feminine strength so much more, and how it can be used to create, discuss ideas and bring positive change to the world. I’ve always had a creative nature so I feel that’s where I use this energy, 

5. What role does sleepwear and lingerie play in your life?

As someone who’s spent a lot of their life working from home/freelancing, I definitely think my lines between sleepwear and loungewear have always been blurred! Especially if I was just working from home in the mornings, catching up on emails and the like. The past 12 months or so I’ve spent pregnant or with a newborn so it was all about practicality, but as my bub grows older and we’re hitting the spring and summer months in Australia, I’m feeling like I can explore this side of myself a little more again as I start to feel more myself postpartum. I’m definitely a silk or satin type of girl when it comes to lingerie and luxe sleepwear, and less of a lace girl! 

6. What would you tell your younger self?

Give yourself grace for your mistakes, nothing is out of reach, and love your body and your mind. 

And there's Naomi, her overall wellbeing has included a career change, listening to her creative calling and readjusting to motherhood, embracing all the change and waves that come from the feminine, thanks Naomi for sharing a glimpse into your life, we've enjoyed writing about you and watching your life through social platforms, if you get a chance please follow her page and support her work.